Thursday, August 21, 2014

Use iPad to play movies in media server through SFTP.

We can build a simple media server by installing Fedora 20 in PC. The SFTP is default to enabled after booting Fedora.  We use SFTP as our simple media server.

We install FTPManager and nPlayer in iPad. FTPManager helps us manage files in media server through SFTP. We open nPlayer to play movies through SFTP. The following are framework.

  • X86 PC
    • Install Fedora 20. The SFTP service is default enabled.
    • Connect internet with fixed IP address via PPPoE.
  • iPad
    • Install FTPManager
    • Install nPlayer
Let's use nPlayer to play movies anywhere after it is installed in iPad/iPhone.

It displays all supported connection types. Please select SFTP.

Please create your SFTP sites.

After you select a SFTP site, the App displays the directories.

You can enter a directory and play a movie.

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