Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Explain the UEFI Secure Boot

The Secure Boot technology is defined by UEFI specification. BIOS uses RSA algorithm to check the integration of the booted OS and to verify if the booted OS is released by the OS vendor.  Let's show the algorithm of Secure Boot.

OS vendor signs OS Loader with Private Key:
{PublicKey, PrivateKey} = GenerateKeyPair ()
Digest = Hash (OsLoaderCode)
Signature = Encrypt (Digest, PrivateKey)
OsLoader = {OsLoaderCode, Signature}

BIOS Vendor enrolls signature into BIOS:
Db = {header, SigList, ...}
SigList = {Sig, ...}
Sig = {..., Cert}
Cert = {..., PublicKey}

BIOS verifies OS Loader before starting it.
Digest = Hash (OsLoaderBody)
Digest2 = Decrypt (Signature, PublicKey)
if (Digest == Digest2) {
  The OsLoader is verified successfully.
  Start the OsLoader.

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