Saturday, September 24, 2016

Summarize of Apple Watch unlocking Mac

The macOS Sierra was released on 9/20 this year. One of the most interesting feature, I think, is Apple Watch unlocking Mac. I tried the feature on 9/21, Chinese time. I'm summarizing it as below.

  • Apple devices unlock model:
    • Unlocked iPhone unlocks Apple Watch.
    • Unlocked Apple Watch unlocks MacBook.
  • Enable the unlocking feature in MacBook.
    • Connect to Internet
    • Setup Two-Factor Authentication via iCloud account (Apple ID).
    • Specify the unlocked password for the MacBook that is different from iCloud account password.
  • The unlock conditions:
    • Apple Watch is unlocked.
    • Direct Wi-Fi (It is not necessary to connect to Internet or to Wi-Fi station)and Bluetooth must be enabled. 
    • Apple Watch is near to MacBook.
    • Press any key on MacBook or open the cover to unlock it. 


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