Wednesday, March 5, 2014

How to connect to Internet with PPPoE for Fedora 20

You want to connect network through PPPoE to get fixed IP address provided by ISP. Because Fedora 20 doesn't have a GUI to setup PPPoE setting, you must to manually specify it.

1. Find your network interface name.


You find that p3p1, for example, is your interface name. It is different with eth0 for the old Fedora version for some reasons.

2. Setup PPPOE settings.


Please specify your network interface to p3p1. Please remember to specify DNS otherwise Web Browser cannot work. You can refer the page for the details.

3. Connect PPPOE.

/sbin/ifup ppp0


4. Check if the PPPoE is workable.


5. Disconnect PPPoE.

/sbin/ifdown ppp0

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