Friday, February 7, 2014

How do we share a directory in Dropbox without moving it under Dlopbox directory?

There is a directory in your local computer. For example,


You want to share it in Dropbox but you don't want to move it under DropBox directory. For example,


You want to keep the path. How do you do? I found a way to solve the problem. For Windows 7+, you can use mklink to make a symbolic link from your directory to the linked directory in Dropbox. For example,

mklink /D C:\Users\Count_Chu\Dropbox\Homework D:\Homework

Then please open Dropbox directory, you can find that the directory linked in Dropbox directory. For example,

Therefore your directory (e.g., Homework) is shared under Dropbox and you don't need to really move the path (e.g., D:\Homework). The directory will be automatically synchronized with Dropbox.

But there is a problem that the new files cannot be updated on Dropbox. To solve the it, you can move your directory into Dropbox directory and run mklink to make a symbolic link from your directory in Dropbox to the linked directory you moved. For example,

move D:\Homework C:\Users\Count_Chu\Dropbox\Homework     
mklink /D D:\Homework C:\Users\Count_Chu\Dropbox\Homework


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